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Turi Speaks to Health Science Students at Cuthbertson High School

Personal trainer Lenny Turi, left, discusses muscle development with student volunteer Ronald Charles, a senior, in Heather Grant's Health Science class.

 Students in Ms. Heather Grant’s Health Science classes received a visit from Lenny Turi on September 10. Turi , a local business owner and personal trainer, came to talk to the students about muscles and muscular development. His presentation included not only information but demonstrations using fitness equipment and student volunteers showing off their moves. The visit was part of the health science unit on muscles.

Junior Taylor Gates said, “In class we are learning about types of muscles and where they are. This related because he showed us the muscles in use.” Taylor said she is taking the class because she wants to be a nurse. 

“I enjoyed how interactive he was and how he didn’t just throw a bunch of information at us,” said junior Alexa Vale. 

Senior Katie Williams said, “I enjoyed watching students do the exercises and learning different ways to work out. I learned that a person’s muscles can go into atrophy if they stop working out for a while. Atrophy is when muscles get weak and lose strength.”

“He taught us how our basic muscles function and work with other parts of our body, and how muscles increase or decrease in mass,” said senior Cody Wilson, who is taking Health Science because of his interest in Sports Medicine. 

“His information was spot on!” said Ms. Grant. “He even addressed muscular disorders that, as a professional, he deals with daily among his clients. He provided reinforcement of what an amazing machine that each individual body is, and that 650 different muscles, acting voluntarily and involuntarily, allow us to live our daily lives!”

Ms. Grant and her students would like to thank Mr. Turi for his interesting and informative visit.


Written by: Paula White
Posted: Sep 17, 2014 by Judy Davis

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