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Project Based Learning in Pre-K

Ms. Judy's preschool class has been participating in a project that started with the book Friends by Helme Heine. The book inspired the students to study animals and then the farm.

We have been learning about animals, how to draw animals, the sounds they make and reading stories about farms and animals. We have also been trying to decide when a book was real or make-believe (fiction).  To do this we watched the book Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride, on TumbleBooks. It was long and it took us a few circle times to watch the whole thing.  Luckily it had CHAPTERS!

After we watched the book, we wanted to have buttered toast too. So, one day we tried making homemade butter and toast.  It was simple to do, but we needed the whole class to participate because we had to shake some heavy cream for a really long time. Soon the white cream turned into tasty yellow butter.  Now we are going to learn about apples, scarecrows and pumpkins.  

Written by: Judith Freger, Pre-K Teacher
Posted: Sep 20, 2014 by Marni Menkin

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