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The Reluctant Dragon

The Bright Star Touring Theater group from Asheville, N.C. performed the play, The Reluctant Dragon, for second, third, and fourth graders on Wednesday, September 17, 2014.

The play was about a young man named Jack who discovers that a dragon is living in his village! Much to his surprise, this dragon is friendly and loves a good book. Soon, Jack and the dragon become best friends, but not everyone in the village believes a dragon can be friendly. With the help of the hilarious and heroic Sir George, Jack and his new best friend use teamwork to win the hearts of everyone in the village. Kindness, respect and friendship abound as the quiet village learns to accept everyone who lives there. Through this fun and exciting adventure, young audiences learn the importance of teamwork, accepting others and solving problems.

Fourth grader, Alexa Aquino, who is in Sarah Mintz’s class, said she really liked how the girl and the dragon slayer ended up liking each other by the end of the play. Alexa said she learned that “when you go up to someone and they are different that you should try to find something you both like so you have something in common.”  Another fourth grader, Caleb Canipe, in Beth Boger's class, said he loved the battle scene and he learned that "You shouldn't judge someone by their name."

Written by: Alexa Aquino. 4th Grade Student, Caleb Canipe, 4th Grade Student, & Beth Medlin, Media Coordinator
Posted: Sep 21, 2014 by Beth Medlin

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