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Grandparents' Day Breakfast 2014

Third Grade Students Ashley and Anjali Roberts pose with their grandmother Mary Richards

Sun Valley Elementary School continues to step out in a big way with their community. This year the school decided to celebrate closer to National Grandparents Day which was on September 7 because many families were still in town. National Grandparents Day openly embraces the importance of family.

Principal Dr. Terri Cooper said, “Our goal is to continue to celebrate our families and our community by opening our doors. All loved ones and grandparents are welcome when we have our national event.”

Grandparents from all around were in attendance. Hunter Thomas in Ms. Sloan’s 3rd grade class had Pam Thomas, Linda Keaton, and Renea Hodges visit. Pam Thomas is Sun Valley High School’s Bookkeeper. Thomas said, “We enjoyed it very much. It is great to know Sun Valley is working hard to give the best education to our Grandchildren. I am proud to say I am a Spartan as well as my children and now Grandson. Thank you Sun Valley.”

The grandparents, loved ones, and students enjoyed a continental breakfast and were entertained with drumming from the school’s chorus directed by Rebecca Vickers, Sun Valley Elementary Music Teacher. Fifth grade students sang Take Time in Life. Later, grandparents shared memorable school moments.

Any adult that is special in a child's life was welcome to attend. Austin Swartz in Ms. Karn’s 3rd grade class had his grandmother and grandfather, Jakie and Edward Griffin visit. When asked what they enjoyed the most, Mrs. Griffin said, “It was very organized. It went smoothly. Food was good and the children behaved very well. I loved the little choir and the little instruments as well.” Mr. Griffin went on to say, “that he loved the little poem (read by Landon Cable).”

Lonnie Huntley was visiting his granddaughter Aloni Huntley in Ms. Vines’ 2nd grade classroom. When asked what he enjoyed the most, he said, “The breakfast was great. The speakers were great. It just a great school.” When describing what stood out the most, he said, “I really enjoyed the speech given by one of the faculty members and how the school is progressing.”

Over 500 grandparents and loved ones attended this event. Students were also elated and ready to learn after the event. Many continued to discuss who visited later as they were leaving school. Assistant Principal Dwight Thompson said, “It is exciting when our community can come together, and hosting Grandparents’ Day is a great way to make that happen.”

Written by: Kevin Vickers
Posted: Sep 23, 2014 by Kevin Vickers

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