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Once a student, now a teacher

English teacher, Tyler Beard and Social Studies teacher, Justin Leath are returning Porter Ridge Pirates!

With each new year of school comes new teachers, staff members, administration, and students. However, for two of Porter Ridge’s teachers, being here just once wasn’t enough.

This year, there are two former students teaching at Porter Ridge. Tyler Beard, English teacher, and Justin Leath, Social Studies teacher, commented on how they were inspired to become teachers. “The two most influential [teachers] to me were definitely Ian Faires and Jennie Yearick. The drive and the passion that they wake up with and bring into the workplace is enough to make anyone want to teach, and such passion should never go unnoticed,” Leath responded when asked which PR teachers inspired him.

Both agreed that the staff here at PR had the most profound impact on their decision to teach. Tyler Beard stated, “One thing that makes Porter Ridge such a wonderful school is the amazing teachers that work here! I have had the opportunity to not only work with these people but to have been taught by them as well.”

Beard and Leath have noticed it is different for them being a teacher now instead of a student at Porter Ridge, “Calling teachers I had by their actual first name is easily the biggest difference. I am still getting used to it. The technology has come a long way as well. When I was here it was whiteboards and textbooks instead of Smart Boards and Chromebooks,” commented Leath.

Beard added, “Well as a student you are the learner. You are attending the classes, sitting in the desks, and completing the work. Now as the teacher, I am teaching students in the same classrooms sitting in the same desks and doing similar work that I did. It is different on the other side of the spectrum!”

Although they are no longer sitting in student desks and reading only from textbooks, these two Pirate alumni have found their calling teaching English and Social Studies at Porter Ridge.

Written by: Abbey Day, 12th grade student
Posted: Sep 23, 2014 by Regina Snelson

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