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Parkwood Middle is off to a great start

The new school year is up and running at Parkwood Middle School. Teachers and students have jumped in to teaching and learning with the passion and rigor that is typical of a school year at PWMS. With the first six weeks coming to a close, students are gearing up for their first round of benchmark testing, preparing for final projects, and getting ready for a fresh start in October.

All across the school students are learning new and exciting topics. Math students are vigorously studying fractions. In Language Arts they are taking journeys through the land of fiction, meeting characters and exploring new places. 8th Grade students recently learned about the infamous pirate Blackbeard, who terrorized the waters around the Outer Banks of the Carolinas. In Drama Class students are learning the art of storytelling and are writing their own puppet shows.

The lazy days of summer behind them, Parkwood Middle School staff and students are ready for all the challenges a new school year brings.

Written by: Lisa Chapman
Posted: Sep 24, 2014 by Lisa Chapman

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