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Growing Our Learning

Mrs. Medlin’s class has enjoyed learning about plants and soil. Students were able to learn about the different types of soils which were sand, clay, and loam. Observations were made about the differences in how the soils looked and felt. Students then conducted a smear test in their science notebooks. Experiments were conducted to see which soil would absorb water the best. These findings were used to determine which type of soil was best for planting

Students got to plant 3 lima bean seeds. They watered the seeds and checked daily for any changes. Once the seeds started to sprout students observed and recorded the changes in their science notebooks. They were so excited to see their plants sprout and grow. The seeds were planted in clear plastic cups so they could see the roots that were growing in the dirt as well.

Mrs. Medlin’s students were excited to be able to take their lima bean plants home to plant outside!

Written by: Amy Medlin, 3rd Grade
Posted: Sep 25, 2014 by Jennifer Williams

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