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Local Meteorologist, John Ahrens, Visits CATA

 John Ahrens, as tradition, visited CATA freshmen on Wednesday, September 24. Earth/Environmental students are currently studying meteorology, and CATA always enjoys hosting local meteorologist John Ahrens. John presented the students with a fresh and exciting view on weather. Topics included chasing tornadoes and hurricanes, the current El Nino and life as a meteorologist. He physically involved the freshmen by doing interactive front simulations and showing characteristics of high and low air masses. The students that were involved in these activities included Kahlil Cabble, Olivia Burrell, Kevin Maxwell, and Kaitlyn Tran. “I felt like I was really a wind, and I fully understood what he was trying to portray,” says Olivia Burrell.

Students in attendance received an enjoyable and informational view upon certain subjects within their meteorology unit. Freshman Parker Miller stated, “I thought the presentation today really put meteorology in an aspect we as students can understand easier. John Ahrens is a very fun individual and made us truly laugh with his lively personality while also educating us as the same time.” Having a hands on and an invigorating activity is a great learning opportunity that was offered to these students. Students also received a small notebook from WSOC’s Severe Weather Center. Tim Bausinger commented, “I’ve studied the weather before and I knew a lot of things he spoke about, but I still learned new things from him. I may want to be a meteorologist one day.”

  John also spoke on the increasing use of technology in the field of meteorology. With the use of smart phones and social media, current weather conditions can be found at the touch of your fingertips. Why wait to view a local forecast at 5pm? John invited all the students to follow him on Twitter: @JohnAhrens9. John Ahrens is an AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) and works at WSOC-TV Channel 9. Check him out on the local news, Twitter or Facebook!


Written by: Kim Fisenne
Posted: Sep 25, 2014 by Kim Fisenne

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