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The Reluctant Dragon Comes to Indian Trail!

 People came from the Art Center for schools. They did a play for the second through fourth graders. It was called the Reluctant Dragon. They talked about Synergizing (Habit 6) throughout the play. The students had to imagine they were in the town of England long ago! Here are things they told us to work on:



1.Treat others the way you want to be treated.
2.Don’t judge people before you meet them.
3.Think before you act.

The story was about a boy named Jack meeting a dragon! The people in the town wanted the dragon to go away. They called the dragon slayer, but for some reason he made friends with the dragon, too. So instead they had a pretend fight! All the people learned the lesson of treating others the way you want to be treated and synergize! So we hope you will learn this lesson too.

Written by: Ella Brown and Natalie Lunsford
                   Ms. Rochefort’s 4th Grade


Written by: Jessica Cosma
Posted: Sep 26, 2014 by Jessica Cosma

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