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Johnson C. Smith Visits Monroe High School

The UCPS Latino Outreach Services and Monroe High School continue to work together to disseminate important information about resources available to students and the community. Mr. Gustavo Arevalo, UCPS Latino Outreach Coordinator, Mr. Brad Breedlove, Monroe High School Principal, and Mr. Jaime Tejada, ESL Teacher combined efforts to share information about college readiness and scholarship opportunities to Monroe High School ESL and Hispanic students on Friday, September 19th by hosting Dr. Rixon Campbell, Director of Multicultural Student Affairs at Johnson C. Smith University.
Dr. Campbell addressed an assembly of 455 Hispanic students in Monroe High School’s auditorium, informing them of the academic programs and scholarship opportunities Johnson C. Smith offers students.
Dr. Campbell conducted an uplifting presentation that helped students to understand the importance of working hard to pursue their academic goals. Dr. Campbell outlined the numerous scholarship opportunities students have access to and stressed the requirements those opportunities involve. His message was a message of hope and personal responsibility.
Dr. Campbell shared his own life experience of growing up in Jamaica in a single parent family. He described how he faced many challenges trying to attend school in a remote area away from his house. He stressed the determination and discipline his mother passed onto him in order to pursue an education. It was that drive that allowed him to complete his studies that brought him to the place he is in today. Now serving as the Director of Multicultural Affairs at Johnson C. Smith University, Dr. Campbell delivered a strong message of hope and opportunity to students, using his own personal experience as testimony of the positive effect education has on people. His message, a truly global message which is applicable in any community/society, highlighted the importance of identifying and pursuing opportunities through hard work and dedication in a highly competitive global community.
Students also heard from two Johnson C. Smith Hispanic students, Juan Carlos Contreras and Luis Bryan Dominguez, who shared their experiences attending Johnson C. Smith University. They described some of their personal experiences and how they were able to receive scholarships from the Charlotte based University. Their stories stressed how their experiences have only further motivated them to pursue a higher education.

Written by: Jaime Tejada, ESL Teacher
Posted: Sep 26, 2014 by Meghan Jarrell

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