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Beyond Base Ten

Students in Mrs. Shafer-Mason’s 5th Grade AIG math class have been studying Numbers and Operations in Base Ten.  During the lessons, students learned that we use the most common system of numerals called the Hindu-Arabic numeral system based on Arabic numerals. Students also discovered that our number system is a Base Ten system.

After learning about our number system, we began to explore other number systems.  Students were introduced to the Roman numeral system and how it operates without using the place value concept. 

Here are some comments of what they discovered.

Jaden Kempf said, “That it is a lot more difficult for us to write in the Roman numeral system then the Base Ten because Romans used letters instead of numbers.”

Katelyn Burns said, “It was fun to use the rules of the Roman numeral system and convert Hindu-Arabic numbers to Roman Numerals.”

Austin Kohler said, “We understand why the Roman numeral system is rarely used because it hard to multiply and divided numbers because there is not a place value system.”

Ethan Jaurequi said, “It’s really hard to learn a completely different number system.”


Here is a challenge:  I = one, V = five, X = ten, L = fifty, C = one hundred, D = five hundred,

 M = one thousand.  What does MCCLXXXIV = _________________?



Answer:  1,284

Written by: Monica Shafer - Mason, AIG Teacher
Posted: Sep 26, 2014 by Carrie Johnson

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