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Prospect Summer Reading Challenge

Over the summer the students of Prospect were challenged to read every day with the Prospect Elementary Summer Reading Challenge. 

The challenge was created to encourage students to read throughout the summer so they would continue growing academically while enjoying time with family and friends. 

The students had a specific number of minutes to read each day, based on the grade he/she was entering, and document it with the calendar provided.  Students who returned their calendars were awarded prizes based on how many days of the summer they read.  There were 46 students who participated in the program.  Of those 46 students, eight of them read all 74 days of the summer!!

The Media Coordinator, Miss Hill, received positive feedback from students and parents who participated in the challenge. One parent beamed as she told Miss Hill that her child had grown as a reader over the summer as he participated in the summer reading challenge!

Written by: Megan Hill
Posted: Sep 29, 2014 by Megan Hill

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