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Students learn about Internet Safety!

 Students at Kensington have learned about being safe on the Internet. They have had several lessons over the past few weeks. First graders did Routers Birthday Surprise from http://www.netsmartzkids.org and received a Certificate for completing the game.
The younger students have also learned the Cyber 5 rules for being safe online:

1. Never share personal information on line: Name, address, phone number, school, neighborhood, age, and birthdate.
2. Don’t Download Alone. You may download a virus and break your computer.
3. Don’t respond to a bully. It makes you just as wrong as the bully.
4. Copy and paste, save it and print, or show an adult if you are being bullied online.
5. If you feel uncomfortable with what you see, tell an adult immediately.


Unfortunately no guardian software is 100% fool proof. If you get to a bad site, let an adult know so it can be blocked.

Older students have had more in-depth lessons on Internet safety. We’ve talked about the difference between personal and private information. For example you can share your favorite color or band but not your name, address, phone number, email, school, neighborhood, age, birthdate, SSN, mother’s maiden name, or how much money parents make. They also learned how pop-up contests are usually just fishing for information so they can try and sell you or your parents something.

4th and 5th Graders did a lesson where they wrote their name with pencil on a piece of paper pushing down hard as they wrote. They then tried to erase it. On most papers there was still an outline of what they had written. As students start using social media they are not always aware of the dangers and how they leave a digital footprint when they post things. Cyber bullying was also a topic of discussion in class. Students played on line learning games from Common Sense Media to reinforce what was learned in class.

Written by: Cheryl Wall, computer teacher
Posted: Oct 01, 2014 by Rachel Clarke

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