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Fourth Grade Students Go Global in Their Studies

Did you know there are five oceans? Yes, it is true….just Google it!  Fourth Grade students at Porter Ridge Elementary recently learned this new fact, along with so much more during their recent social studies unit on geography.  The unit expanded on lessons about the world and our state of North Carolina.

During the unit of study, students learned the seven continents, five oceans, lines of latitude and longitude and the compass rose.  Students had to label these items on a map. 

The unit was further enhanced by linking the studies to our globalization plan at Porter Ridge Elementary. Each class at PRES has chosen a country in the world to study.  During this geography unit, fourth graders spent time learning about where in the world their class country was located.  The countries that each class is studying this year are as follows: Mrs. Little’s class, Mozambique; Mrs. Morris’ class, Madagascar; Mrs. Timberlake’s class, Honduras; and Mrs. Turner’s class, United States. Students had to learn the continent where their country is found and the name of the country.  Students in Mrs. Little’s class even received bonus points for spelling the name of their assigned country correctly. 

A research tool that we used to find these continents, oceans, and countries was Google Earth.  Google Earth allows students to take a virtual field trip to these locations throughout the world.  As students use Google Earth they can zoom in to see cities, lakes and rivers nearby.  

The second part of this unit focused on our state of North Carolina.  Students had to learn the three regions, bordering states, a major city in each region, the state capital and two major rivers.  To finish the unit, students made a salt-dough map of North Carolina that included the landforms (flat, rolling hills and mountains) of the three regions.

Written by: Cassie Little, Fourth Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 01, 2014 by Cheryl Lawrence

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