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French Students Discover Learning to be Délicieux

Lauren Freitag and Sophia Camarda prepare crêpes as part of a French unit.

Mme. Helms' French 3 class finished their "Regions of France" unit by making "crêpes" in class. Crêpes are thin pancakes that are popular all over France. The region that is the most famous for them is Bretagne in the northwest of France. Students learned about several regions of France and about the cuisine they were most known for. They also created projects showcasing different regions of France to culminate the unit.

“Crêpes day was a fun way to learn about a food that they have in Bretagne. They are very thin yummy pancakes. Some crêpes are salty but the most common would definitely be the sweet ones! You can put anything on crêpes you would like!” said senior Karlye Regan.

“Crêpes are thin pancakes that can be sweet or salty like a sandwich. In France, I had a crêpe with cheese which was delicious. It was nice to try the sweet crêpes here. We used chocolate syrup, whipped cream, Nutella, fruit, and powdered sugar. C'est tres bon!” said junior Reana Johnson.

Junior Zachary Granger said, “Crêpe day was great, we learned to make our own and learned about its origins, and then the crêpes were delicious!”

Sophomore Rachael Holzman said, “Crêpe day was a tasty way to experience what we had just learned in chapter one. We all had a fun time making and decorating the crêpes and sharing them with our favorite teachers! Merci, Madame Helms for the fun day!”

“We learned that there are two types of crêpes in France. Les crêpes and les galettes. Crêpes are sweeter and eaten as a dessert and les galettes are saltier and eaten during the meal. The crêpes were delicious, especially with all of the toppings like Nutella, whipped cream, and strawberries. I ate about five,” said junior Abby Melrose.

“I ate six crêpes. They were fabulous!” said sophomore Kyle Boettner.

Junior Erica Sisti said, “Crêpe day was such a fun way to recap on what we had learned in this previous chapter. The crêpes we made were delicious and the teachers we shared them with loved them! It was a great way to get "a taste" of the French culture.”

Written by: Paula White and Lisa Helms
Posted: Oct 02, 2014 by Paula White

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