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FHHS CTE classes celebrate Advanced Manufacturing Week

Students of Mr. Patrick Ollis and Mr. Tim Stegall heard Mr. Peter Xiong of Greiner Bio-One discuss career opportunities as part of Advanced Manufacturing Week.

On Friday, September 26, 2014, four FHHS CTE classes had the opportunity to hear from local companies as part of the kickoff for Advanced Manufacturing Week. Students in agriculture, drafting, and Project Lead the Way were able to hear from speakers with careers in their areas of study.

Mr. Jonathan Deese’s and Mr. Farley Strickland’s third period agriculture classes heard from Mr. John Lerch, General Manager of Bakery Feeds. Bakery Feeds is located right here in Marshville, NC and works in collaboration with commercial bakeries and snack food manufacturers to receive their out-of-date products and recycle them. Some of the products that they recycle are bread, dough, pasta, crackers, cereal, and snack chips to name a few.

The students also learned what happens to those recycled products. First, they go through a process of drying, cleaning, mixing and milling operations to be transformed into a high energy feed known as “Cookie Meal." Cookie Meal is a corn replacement feed for poultry and pet food manufacturers that contains a higher quantity of corn.

Mr. Patrick Ollis’ and Mr. Tim Stegall’s third and fourth block classes had the opportunity to hear from Peter Xiong, a representative from Greiner Bio-One. They are located near the Monroe-Charlotte Executive Airport, in the Industrial Park. Mr. Xoing was here providing information to the Drafting and PLTW students about the apprenticeship program offered by Greiner Bio-One, as well as to talk about the products that are manufactured there. The apprenticeship program is offered to graduated students who are at least 18 years old and have a minimum of a 2.8 GPA. There is an online application process that will be posted on their website at a later date. Any students who are interested should check out the information.

Greiner Bio-One produces products used in the medical field. It is an international manufacturing company that got its start in Austria. Some of the products they manufacture are blood collection tubes and systems, urine collection systems, sharps and safety products, accessories and decappers in their Preanalytic business unit. They also produce products in their Bioscience unit. Those products include, but are not limited to, cell/tissue culture, protein crystallization, cryotechnics, reaction tubes, and liquid handling to name a few. Anyone interested in learning more about their company should check out their website at http://us.gbo.com/. This is the local site for the Monroe branch of the organization. People can learn about the entire company by visiting https://www.gbo.com/en_INT.html.

Advanced Manufacturing Week strives to raise awareness of advanced manufacturing and STEM careers in North Carolina especially among students who are beginning to make decisions about their future careers.

Written by: Rebecca Kiker, FHHS Career Development Coordinator
Posted: Oct 02, 2014 by Melissa Howell

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