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Sun Valley Elementary Increases Guidance Classes and Implements Parent Center to Increase Student Achievement

Students from left to right: Elijah Robinson, Kyle Smith, Isabella Rios, and Jake Iannetto help Sun Valley Elementary Guidance Counselor Kinardi Burley during a recent lesson.

When school began in August, Sun Valley Elementary School families were excited to see that the school had created a Parent Center in their front office. The space provides a location for parents to receive resources on how they may improve their children’s academic and social skills.

When asked why a Parent Center was created in the front office of the school, Principal Dr. Terri Cooper said, “I wanted to impact the academic achievement of each student by creating an environment that would strengthen our already strong parental involvement while providing academic and social resources for our community.”

Sun Valley Elementary School has also increased the time Guidance Counselor Mrs. Kinardi Burley spends with students. Mrs. Burley is responsible for helping children get the best possible education during guidance classes. A good education includes not only learning to read, write, and do math, but also includes learning good social skills. This means learning how to socialize with other children, making good decisions, controlling anger, accepting responsibility, and becoming aware of strengths and weaknesses. When asked about her role at Sun Valley Elementary, Mrs. Burley said, “Many of these skills are taught at home. It is my intent to supplement the learning from home through individual counseling, small groups and classroom lessons.”

Mrs. Burley currently sees students on a half day regular fixed schedule. Throughout the school year, Mrs. Burley’s classroom will focus on: Courage, Respect, Gratitude, Kind, Dedication, Thoughtfulness, Teamwork, Responsibility, and Loyalty.

Social improvements are expected to increase with the school’s younger children. Kindergarten teacher Julia Starnes said, “"This year we have a new parent center to support families of Sun Valley Elementary. The parent center allows new families to have a space to sit and ask questions as well as gather resources as they enroll their child in our school. It is a great addition to our school to help make families and students become part of the Sun Valley family."

Academic improvements are also expected to increase in classrooms. Fifth grade teacher Robert Anthony III said, “The Sun Valley Elementary Parent Resource Center is a place that is set aside for the purpose of making learning more accessible to families and encouraging parent engagement in their child’s education. The parent resource center is managed, maintained, and supervised by the faculty, staff, and volunteers as it provides supplemental materials for parents to help their children achieve more in the core content areas of mathematics, science, social studies, reading and writing. It offers educational resources, games, and activities to stimulate and excite students on the road to their academic success. The center also provides meaningful parent training and workshops that will help them gain more insight on the importance of positive parenting and student achievement, as they matriculate through Sun Valley Elementary School.”

Written by: Kevin Vickers
Posted: Oct 03, 2014 by Kevin Vickers

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