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UCPS High School Principals Learn about Principalship in Thailand

Mr. Hawkins (left) with Mr. Sumet Jeadpiyawat

Neil Hawkins, Principal of New Salem Elementary School, is participating in an International Principal Exchange Program. As part of the exchange, a Secondary Principal from Thailand, Mr. Sumet Jeadpiyawat, spent approximately two weeks in Union County touring schools and learning about our culture. He joined the April High School Principals' meeting and provided a power point presentation of his country including it's history and people. He shared that students in Thailand attend school from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. for 200 days per year. Extra-curricular activities such as clubs and sports are all held during the school day because of location and family obligations after school. School facilities in America are larger and better equipped with technology but schools in Thailand do focus on technology skills. Teachers in Thailand not only teach, they are pulled to help with the administrative duties necessary to run a typical high school. As a Principal in Thailand he is rarely at his school – he attends many meetings, has many papers to sign, works with community agencies, and must sign every report card of his 1200 students. He also discussed how very respectful students are to their teachers and parents because respect is built into their culture. Mr. Hawkins will be traveling to Thailand in the near future to begin his own experience in the exchange program by visiting and learning first hand the schools and culture of Thailand. We appreciate Mr. Jeadpiyawat sharing his experiences with our high school principals.

Written by: Don Mace
Posted: May 12, 2010 by Don Mace

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