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AIG Students Create Reader Profiles

Instead of creating personal profiles for social media, students in Mrs. Ziskind’s fourth and fifth grade AIG Reading classes created Fakebook Reader Profiles.  Instead of a cover photo, each student chose a scene from a favorite book to recreate at the top of the profile. Next, they had to choose four favorite books which would be listed in the “Likes” section.  Their Fakebook “Friends” are the main characters from each of those favorite books. The past “Posts” on the Fakebook page consisted of summaries of the books, along with reasons they made it to the page. Once students completed the posts, this information was used to create a reader profile called “Me As a Reader”. 

This kind of introspection is important for young readers. Looking back at books which made an impact on their lives gives them a starting place for choosing new books, helps them create goals to grow as readers, and gives their teachers insight into them as reading students.

Written by: Betsy Ziskind, AIG Teacher
Posted: Oct 05, 2014 by Betsy Ziskind

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