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Math Properties

Emily Mattis, Kendall Byers, Rashi Jagani, Samantha Femia, Brandon Davis and Ryan Manns stand in front of the 7th grade Math project display.

The 7th Grade Math curriculum covers The Number System, Expressions and Equations, Geometry and Statistics and Probability. In conjunction with The Number System, students were given the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the properties by creatively using symbols to represent the properties. The projects featured a wide variety of creative symbols – different candy, pasta shapes, ice cream flavors, pop-up stickers, dry cereal and crayons to name a few. The project offered a way to reinforce student understanding of the properties while also allowing a fun opportunity for student creativity in math. Please stop by the 7th grade hallway and view some of these outstanding projects!

Written by: Brita Mann
Posted: Oct 06, 2014 by Brita Mann

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