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Practice Makes Perfect!

As Poplin fifth grade students complete units in Math, they get an extra chance to refine their newly acquired math skills during what is called Intervention or Enrichment time. The Intervention and Enrichment process begins with an assessment which comes at the end of each math unit. After the assessment, teachers analyze the scores and divide the students into groups based on their performance. Then each fifth grade teacher works with a group of students. Because of how the students are divided into groups, he or she may be with a different fifth grade teacher during this time. In some of the groups students are tutored to provide extra support to work toward mastery on the concept. In other groups the teacher provides word problems that involve multi-step problem solving based on the current concept being taught. Students who have scored on a mastery level are challenged with multi-step real-world problems to solve.

Fifth-grade teacher Melissa Kite said, “Dividing the students into groups based on assessment helps us know which students are struggling and need extra help. It also helps us identify which students have almost mastered or have mastered the skill and are ready to apply what they learned to real-life examples.” Brianne Durant, another Fifth Grade Teacher, said “It helps us know what is or isn't working and it gives students a chance to grow their knowledge in the new skill.”

Students in grades 2-5 will go through the Intervention and Enrichment process this year. Principal Scott Broome said, “Kids have come to realize that they have a safety net for learning. If they don’t understand something the first time, they have another opportunity to learn the same material in a different way. Practice makes perfect!”


Written by: Melissa Kite & Brianne Durant, Fifth-Grade Teachers, Beth Medlin, Media Coordinator
Posted: Oct 07, 2014 by Elizabeth Potter

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