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Ready, Set, Go!

The second graders in Mrs. Koester’s class have gotten off to a great start. They quickly made new friends and are learning new things.

In social studies we have been leaning many things about geography, how it affects people, and how people affect it. Students created world maps as they identified the seven continents and five oceans that cover the Earth.

They used different colors of construction paper to tear the shape and relative size of each continent. Then the continents were glued in their appropriate locations and a compass rose and map title were added.

Finally all the continents and oceans were labeled so the maps could be displayed. The students did a great job learning about our world and themselves!

During math lessons students have measured a variety of classroom items in inches and centimeters, determined the value of sets of coins, and learned many different strategies to help them solve addition and subtraction problems.

This is an important skill in second grade and the students are up to the challenge. They can show their work using place value blocks and drawings, number lines, 100 charts, and expanded form.

Students are using counting by tens, fives, and ones as well as their knowledge of place value to solve problems and explain their thinking. Stop by and we’ll gladly show you how to do it, too!



Written by: Cecilia Koester, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 07, 2014 by Elizabeth Potter

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