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East Union 7th Graders Talk With NASA Aeronautics Engineer

On September 22, Mrs. Robles’ science classes shared their knowledge of the hydrosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere with Thomas J. Benson, a NASA aeronautics engineer.

The class used a technology called Vidyo to have a live conversation with Mr. Benson. He was able to discuss the different weather patterns he experiences in Ohio as well as the prevailing weather patterns in our area. This technology also allowed him to share pictures and video clips from his computer into the classroom. The conversation reminded students that studying meteorology requires more than an understanding of weather maps. Each system has an impact upon the weather that we experience daily.

As the students practiced systems thinking, they became curious about the history of the different Earth systems. Mr. Benson answered many questions about the lithosphere and the atmosphere, but not the hydrosphere. After our video discussion, Mr. Benson sent our class a link to a newly published article on the history of the hydrosphere. This can be found at http://spaceref.com/astrobiology/earths-water-is-much-older-than-the-sun.html.  

Written by: Marla Robles, 7th grade science teacher
Posted: Oct 08, 2014 by Susie Jones

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