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Sun Valley students work on hit series "Sleepy Hollow"

Sun Valley students Jack and Tate Hawkes, from left, pose with leading actor, Tom Mison, who plays Ichabod Crane on the hit Fox TV show Sleepy Hollow.

Young actors and actresses are very common on television today. Jack and Tate Hawkes are no exception.

They recently appeared as extras on two different programs of the Fox hit television show Sleepy Hollow filmed in New Bern.

During filming, Tate turned 11 years old, and her parents brought cake to help celebrate. As they began to sing, several other cast members noticed and quickly joined in Tate’s celebration. Before long, many cast members helped Tate honor her
birthday in a big way.

Many residents in Union County celebrate some form of fall celebration and enjoy dressing up in some way.

When describing what it was like the first time they stepped on the TV set, Tate said, “It was really fun because we got to see everything happen. We got to dress up with clothes that looked like they were really, really old.”

When asked how they found the just right outfit, Tate said, “They had a bunch of different dresses, and we had to go to a costume fitting.”

As she described her favorite costume, Tate replied, “When I was first on it, I wore a light pink dress that was really pretty.”

Tate then described seeing her little brother Jack on the TV set. “His costume was kind of funny. He wore a wool vest and a straw hat, so he looked really funny.”

She also described what she thought her brother thought about her outfit. “He (Jake)
thought I looked really, really pretty.”

Working on a television show can take many hours without breaks. During the interview Tate described recess periods between videoing by explaining, “We would take breaks every once in a while. They let us have snack and stuff.”

When asked how another student could appear on this TV show, Tate said, “Go the Sleepy Hollow Facebook site, and they will have a section for you to post a photo of yourself and if they liked the way you looked then they would let you be on the show.”

Parents posted photos and directly talked with producers of Sleepy Hollow once accepted.

Tate and Jack’s father, Dominic, described as a parent what opportunities he sees for children and television. Dominic Hawkes said, “It was a great confidence builder for my children appearing on television but also the attention that they got when they got back. I saw my children being asked to participate more in leadership opportunities after appearing on the show.”

When talking about filming the TV show, Jack recalled, “We would just stand around. I also would pretend that people on the set were my dad. It was pretty good.”

Sometimes extras may or may not have speaking parts in a television show. Jack said, “We mainly walked around and pretended like we knew the people.”

Jack described what his sister did while video taping occurred. He said, “She was with a lady and would do the same thing as me. We would do the movie and carry on.”

Many television shows have elaborate costumes that cost a lot of money and Sleepy Hollow is no exception. Jack said, “On the first one, I would wear the same thing. We would put on fake dirty dirt and pretend that we were in a rainforest. Tate had to wear a pink dress, and she would wear a lot of things like younger dresses. My shoes were black and really fancy and getting really dirty.”

When asked about other actors, Jack said, “I think the other actors were really cool and just pretending. A little kid was even pretending to ride a horse.”

Tate Hawkes attends Sun Valley Middle School. She is a seventh grade student in Heidemarie Klein’s class. Jack Hawkes attends Sun Valley Elementary School. He is a second grade student in Zvi Vines’ class. Both students continue to seek opportunities in television.

For more information about the Fox’s television show Sleepy Hollow please visit: http://www.fox.com/sleepy-hollow/.

Written by: Kevin Vickers, Sun Valley Elementary media coordinator
Posted: Oct 08, 2014 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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