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Kindergarten through second grade attend special performance

Students learn important lessons from "The Reluctant Dragon."
Kindergarten-2nd grade were honored to attend a special performance of 'The Reluctant Dragon', put on by the Bright Star Touring Theater, sponsored by the Union County Performing Arts Council. Jack discovers that a dragon is living in his village! Much to his surprise, the dragon is friendly and loves a good book. Soon, Jack and dragon become best friends, but not everyone in the village believes a dragon can be friendly! With the help of the hilarious and heroic Sir George, Jack and his new best friend use teamwork to win the hearts of everyone in the village. Kindness, respect and friendship were the main themes to a well performed play. We learned the importance of teamwork, accepting others and solving problems. Children were encouraged to ask questions at the end about bullying and we discussed how important it is to accept all. The children were all amazed and entertained by the two actors who played all the many parts, with very quick costume changes. Thank you again to the Union County Performing Arts Council for sponsoring this, and many other great events.

Written by: Heather Beveridge, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Oct 08, 2014 by Dana Sullivan

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