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The "fire challenge"

While we were preoccupied with the Ice Bucket Challenge over the summer, teens were taking the “fire challenge,” dousing themselves in flammable liquids, lighting it and - in theory - extinguishing it before being seriously injured, while recording the act and then sharing the video on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Yes, our kids are recording themselves being engulfed in flames, flailing and screaming in pain.

There are thousands of the videos circulating and injuries have included severe burns and hospitalization. Officials around the country, along with the American Burn Association, are asking parents to warn about the game. Even if you believe your teen would never actually try, at least persuade him or her not to share the videos with friends.

You can see more about the fire challenge here.

Written by: Kavita Varma-White, TODAY.com
Posted: Oct 09, 2014 by Lisa Callaham

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