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Building Music Literacy Through Ukuleles

Students in Mrs. Caldwell's class play ukuleles

During the first marking period, fourth grade students have been learning how to read traditional music notation and play simple melodies on ukuleles. As the year progresses, they will compose original works for ukulele and learn how to accompany themselves by playing chords.
Why are ukuleles great for teaching kids how to read music?
The ukulele is:
• Portable and small enough for young students.
• An instrument that students can play while singing or naming pitches.
• An excellent tool for ear training and learning music theory.
• Relatively inexpensive when compared to other instruments.
• An exciting instrument that is finding its way into current popular music.
• Fun to play for years to come!

Written by: Jessicsa Lequire, music teacher at Kensington
Posted: Oct 09, 2014 by Rachel Clarke

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