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Howie Speaks to Marketing Classes

CHS Marketing teacher Kate Howie welcomes her father Jim Howie to share his expertise of the dairy industry with her students.

 Students in Kate Howie’s Marketing classes were recently paid a visit by the Manager of Member Services for Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers, Mr. Jim Howie. It also turned out to be “Bring Your Dad to Work Day” for Ms. Howie, who is new to CHS this year – as Mr. Howie is her father! Mr. Howie has a rich background in the dairy field. Ms. Howie said her dad worked on their family's dairy from the time he was old enough to stand up until he was 27 and he has worked for a dairy co-op ever since then. He spoke to the students about the quality, standards, and regulations for dairy products, different kinds of cows and how they are milked and cared for, and even the opportunities to be found in the field of agriculture.

Ms. Howie said, “Part of the marketing curriculum is to ‘Describe the uses of grades and standards in marketing,’ so I had my dad come in to discuss the standards of dairy products, most specifically milk, and how those standards are graded. Part of this objective is also to explain who sets the standards for products so I had him discuss the government standards and the standards set by the dairy industry. I wanted to students to get a real world perspective of how grades and standards are used and how they can affect the marketing of products. I also wanted them to get an idea of how products they use frequently are graded.”

Mr. Howie discussed the differences between Grade A and Grade B milk, pasteurization, the milking process, and the focus on quality that the dairy industry maintains. He told the students about the life of a milking cow, how cows are treated extremely well with careful diets, health checkups, and even fans to keep them cool. He explained the various kinds of cows such as jerseys and Holsteins, and how the amount of milk each produces is carefully monitored. He showed photos of a dairy research lab located at NC State University and explained the daily procedures of milking that go on there. He told the students that a dairy cow’s life basically consists of three things: “Eating, resting, and giving milk. It’s a pretty good life.”

Howie also encouraged students to consider the tremendous opportunities available to them through agriculture. He told them that by the year 2050 the world’s population is expected to grow to nearly 9 billion and how to feed that many people would be an ongoing challenge for those working in the agricultural field.

Ms. Howie said, “I loved having my dad speak to my classes; he and I have a very close relationship. I also know how passionate he is about his profession and industry and I love seeing him share that passion with other people. Additionally, he is just a great guy that works really well with kids and I am so thrilled when I get to share him with my influential students. I was very pleased with the way the students received the presentation. They asked intelligent questions and paid close attention. I was proud of their attentiveness and I believe my dad was as well.”

“My dad said he really enjoyed presenting to my classes and he was excited he had the opportunity to present. He also said, though, he was ready to go home and take a nap!” smiled Ms. Howie.

CHS would like to thank Mr. Howie for his interesting and informative visit! 

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Oct 09, 2014 by Judy Davis

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