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7th Grade Yearlong Global Studies Class Connects with Students in Hungary

Students in Ms. Gallagher's yearlong Global Studies class have been connected with a pen pal at a school in Hungary. The Hungarian students attend Altalanos Iskola in Balatonbolgar, Hungary. Ms. Gallagher connected with Dondi, who teaches in Hungary, through Give Something Back, International. Both teachers are excited about the opportunity for their students to connect, write letters and learn more about each others countries - similarities, differences, global connections, etc. Students in Ms. Gallagher's class were eager to get their pen pal's name so that they could introduce themselves and also ask their pen pal a few questions. They can't wait to hear back. Letters recently arrived in Hungary so the wait will continue for a little bit longer. 

Written by: Lindsey Gallagher
Posted: Oct 13, 2014 by Karen Barbee

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