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Hemby Bridge Students Share Their Artwork with the World!

 Move Over Famous Artists!  Hemby Bridge Elementary artists are taking over the spotlight!  Jason Basden, the school's Art Teacher, has teamed up with Artsonia, www.artsonia.com -- the world's largest online kid's art museum -- to display the students' artwork.

Recently  fifth graders at Hemby Bridge studied art made by the Ancient Mayans.  Students learned that the Mayans occupied part of what is known today as Mexico.  The students had the opportunity to view buildings and other work produced by Mayan stone carvers.  They also learned about the beliefs of these ancient people and how it related to the first ever played team sport.  They learned about their system of pictograph writing called glyphs.  The students rendered their initials using value to imitate the relief surface of glyphs that were originally carved in stone.

To view these and many more amazing works of art, anyone can view the school gallery online at: www.artsonia.com and search Hemby Bridge. Visitors can browse the artwork in the school gallery by grade level, or by specific exhibits. Hemby Bridge students join thousands of students from over 130 countries whose artwork is showcased on Artsonia. "This program is a wonderful way to get parents and family members more involved in Art Education," said Mr. Basden. 
All of Artsonia's artwork (20 million and counting!) are viewable online, and any teacher or parent can create an online art gallery for their child or school. Artsonia provides several online features such as fan clubs and personal guestbooks, as a way for families to encourage the creativity and imaginations of their young artists. In addition, family members can purchase keepsakes imprinted with the child's artwork, with Artsonia donating 20 percent of their annual product revenue back to the school’s  art program. 

Written by: Jason Basden, Art Teacher
Posted: Oct 13, 2014 by Betsy Ziskind

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