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Cavs Create Sustainable Cities

CHS juniors Zac Gonzalez, Kobi Sonsire, and Chris Ingram display their model of a sustainable city.

The students in Ms. Alissa Hammersmith’s AP Environmental Science class have taken creativity to a new level in their “Sustainable City” projects. These students were given the task to team up with some of their classmates to think of how a city should be built to be sustainable. They had to determine their energy sources, the average expenses in their city, and had to include several aspects including office parks, schools, hospitals, apartments, and more. After imagining this city, the students had to actually execute their ideas and build a scale model of their idea.

“We put a lot of effort into this project and it showed each group’s individual character. The cities reflected each group’s personality and each of them are unique,” said Victoria Hedin, junior.

“Wind energy is the future of America!” said junior Alex Hasenkopf. His main focus was on windmills and how they will be important energy sources for America in the future.

Senior Kiarah Green said, “My group chose to fuel our city solely on solar and wind energy. We based our city on a higher class sort of society, so each of our buildings were able to afford a solar panel on top of the building. This project was really exciting to do and my group and I learned a lot from working together and brainstorming our ideas together. I hope there are more hands on projects in the future!”

“My favorite part of the project was definitely being able to choose the different layout of the city and basically just make up my own city and putting my own ideas into the project in order to learn,” said junior Morgan McCalla.

Written by: Mrs. Hammersmith's APES class
Posted: Oct 13, 2014 by Paula White

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