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Warriors welcome exchange student

Libby (right) sat down with Tiffany (left) to talk about her experiences as an exchange student.

Meet Tiffany Ribiero!  She is an exchange student from Brazil who recently sat down with WHS Senior Libby Gutt to talk about her life in Brazil, being so far from home, and her experiences as a new member of the Green Machine.

Tiffany is from a small city in the state of Sao Paulo called Presidente Prudente.  In Brazil, she is very involved with her church.  She also loves Chinese food.  Every weekend she likes to go eat Chinese food with family and friends.  Her favorite place in Brazil is Rio de Janeiro.  Tiffany has family there and just loves the city.

Libby and Tiffany talked about school and the differences she has experienced here in America compared to Brazil.  Tiffany said in Brazil students do not get to choose their classes.  Also, classes last the entire year instead of a semester like at WHS.  Her favorite class this semester at Weddington is Marine Science. She wants to be a Marine Biologist.  She also said Mrs. McCloskey is awesome! 

Tiffany said, “The hardest thing about being an exchange student is being away from my family.”  However, through Facetime she is able to talk with her family every day. 

Tiffany has enjoyed her time here at Weddington so far.  She is enjoying American food like fried chicken and Chic-fil-A.  She has attended her first Weddington football game as a member of the Green Machine.  Tiffany said, “I loved the football game because everyone was so happy and really into the game cheering on the players.” 

Written by: Libby Gutt, WHS student
Posted: Oct 14, 2014 by Anna Waldrup

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