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Demonstrating Our Leadership Skills

What does it take to be a leader? Students in fourth and fifth grade recently took on the role of leaders for curriculum night. They showed confidence, public speaking and presentation skills during these presentations. Several students shared about the Leader in Me program and how they can fill buckets with pompoms for class rewards. Other students talked about reading, math, science, and social studies and their daily routines. These young students shared with parents and visitors exhibiting what it means to be a leader. Other grade level students were greeters to visitors in their classrooms to hear about curriculum at Rocky River.

Here’s what some of the student leaders had to say…

Ms. Duncan’s Class-
Blake- “I liked doing it.” “First we had to plan what to say then find pictures to go with what we were saying”
MacKenzie—“Some skills we used were looking at the audience, speaking loudly and showing enthusiasm.” “ We had to practice a few times what we would say.”

Ms. Carter’s Class
Megan--- “I came in early to help set up. It was fun and went swell.” “ My brother and mom were amazed when they saw me doing it and they saw others doing it too. My brother will be doing it in a couple of years.”

Mr. Haas’s Class
Maddy----“ It was fun and cool learning about what we’ll do later in the year.” “ It took bravery and you couldn’t be shy.”

Ms. Montalvo’s class
Steven---- “I was nervous at first.” “I had to practice and know about everything I talked about.”
Hailey---- “It was fun. We had a good time.” “It took bravery and you couldn’t have stage fright.” “That night I had to do my homework, clean my room and get other things done first.” “I had to practice what I’d say.” “ It was good and fun and I’d do it again.” “I felt proud and brave. We worked together as a team. I couldn’t have done it by myself.”

Ms. Newhouse’s class
Kara- “I’d do it again.” “We had to practice to get ready.”
Emma--- “It was fun. I had to speak clearly and loud.”
Elle---- “It was fun. We talked about behavior system in groups of 2. Lots of people enjoyed it.”
Kalani----- “I think parents liked learning about what their children would learn this year. It was cool that the parents came in to listen. I wish it could happen again. It was fun!”

Students all agreed they would do it again and they all thought the night was fun.  They agreed you had to prepare, practice and be ready.

Written by: Blake, MacKenzie, Megan,Maddy,Steven, Hailey,Kara,Emma,Elle, Kalani and Mrs. Brenda Todd
Posted: Oct 14, 2014 by Brenda Todd

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