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Earth Science Week-Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Karsyn M; Carol Hambridge

  To celebrate Earth Science Week, Oct.12-18, the UCEC Earth and Environmental Science classes invited a guest from the City of Monroe. Student were happy to meet Carol Hambridge, a licensed Environmental Engineer with 30 years of experience in multi-disciplined environmental projects focusing on water quality protection through stormwater pollution prevention. Ms. Hambridge brought model of a city to demonstrate the consequences, and possible prevention methods, of stormwater pollution. Students were highly engaged in watching and interacting with the model to understand how pollution affects the local community, from farms to single-family homes. The model was used to teach students about stormwater pollution, allowing them to manipulate it and watch firsthand the effects of certain everyday actions on the ecosystem.

  Judging by the pictures, UCEC students had fun interacting with the model and learning about small things they can do to minimize their negative impact on the ecosystem and prevent stormwater pollution. If you have the opportunity our students recommend you see participate in this activity. We would like to thank the City of Monroe and Carol Hambridge for their time visiting our school.

Written by: Santiago Bonilla and Kacey Rudock
Posted: Oct 14, 2014 by Mandy Bell

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