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Cancer Awareness Month at UCEC

  The UCEC Relay for Life team played an active role in promoting Cancer Awareness this month. They coordinated a hair donation event for Pantene’s “Give Beautiful Lengths.” Many who battle cancer end up losing their hair, which can be devastating, especially to women. Pantene accepts the hair and it is donated to cancer patients, at no cost, in the form of wigs. With this in mind, UCEC students went the extra “inch” to assist these brave fighters.
On Oct. 8th, the school counselors turned their foyer into a hair salon for 3 hours. Student volunteers, male and female, had a minimum of 8 inches of their hair cut off; no “short” sacrifice. And at the end of the day during a school-wide assembly, the volunteers gathered to show off their haircuts and the ponytails of hair to be donated. The grand finale of this event was our most courageous senior, Dianne, who had her whole head shaved in front of the entire student body.
Not only did UCEC participate in the hair donation, but a fellow student whose teenage step-brother has been recently diagnosed with cancer, provided a video of his battle with this terrible disease. She was able to show the spirit of her family in dealing with this issue, and we all wait to hear about his positive test results.
Needless to say, the students were saddened, buoyed, and planning to grow their hair for our spring “Beautiful Lengths” event. They became aware of how many lives are impacted on a regular basis by cancer and how small sacrifices on their part can make a huge difference in peoples’ lives.

Written by: Mandy Bell
Posted: Oct 14, 2014 by Mandy Bell

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