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Sun Valley Elementary is Internet Safe

From left to right Johnathan, Leah Gonzalez, and Stephany Hernandez work together to solve Internet Safety lesson in computer lab.

For two weeks, Sun Valley Elementary students have been working on Internet Safety lessons during their computer lab time with their Computer Teacher, Mrs. Louise Glover. Students have worked in groups or individually to complete lessons, which sparked open discussion and collaboration among students.

Glover said, “Internet Safety is a critical skill in the 21st century for all ages. We at Sun Valley Elementary, want to partner with our parents to equip our students to learn, to enjoy and to stay safe on the Internet. These lessons have helped our students learn skills to successfully navigate the world of technology.”

Lessons did not always involve using an individual computer station for each student. Younger students worked collaboratively solving problems presented in a whole group then were asked to move to smaller groups where more open discussion could take place.

Advertisements are a great way for a website to generate money; however, some ads may not be safe for students. Student, Peter Baretsky, in Ms. Perez’s 5th grade class said, “The Internet can sometimes fool you and be very mean to you. You need to be careful on the Internet and if an ad comes up, never click on it.”

Many people today are finding that they need to have strong passwords to protect their online information. Student, Jack Boldyn, in Ms. Perez’s 5th grade class said, “I know how to make a strong password that no one can get. The Internet is kind of dangerous because, if you give too much information, it links to something bad.”

Many websites can ask for personal information. Student, Leah Iglesias, in Ms. Perez’s 5th grade class said, “I’ve learned a lot from Internet Safety, like not giving out personal information. Don’t go on websites you know you’re not allowed on, and be creative!”

Fifth grade teacher Digna Martin said, “With the advancement of technology these days, computers have become essential tools in our classrooms. I like how our county monitors and blocks any websites that have the potential of being harmful to our students.”

When surfing the Internet at a friends house parents are not always able to monitor what their children are doing and/or seeing. When talking about Internet Safety, SVES parent Ms. Jennifer Collins said, “I have two children Ashley who is in Ms. Gilfillan’s 4th grade class and Madison who is in Ms. Cobbs’s 4th grade class. I feel that Internet Safety is important to teach because, if they are at a friends house then they know what to do if they come across any questionable content.”

Written by: Kevin Vickers
Posted: Oct 15, 2014 by Kevin Vickers

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