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NCIDA holds dyslexia workshops for UCPS teachers

The focus of this training was to recognize and understand dyslexia and to learn how to address the needs of these students

Reading disabilities are common among some of our students in Union County Public Schools. As the Exceptional Children’s (EC) Department strives to provide the correct programming for these students, among other disabilities, dyslexia is quickly coming to the forefront as the underlying reason for many of these struggling readers.

In effort to address these students’ needs sufficiently, last spring UCPS’s EC Department reached out to the North Carolina Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (NCIDA).

Dr. Linda Stedje-Larsen, Director of Disability Support Services at Wingate University and the president of NCIDA , has offered more than a helping hand to support our school system.

Along with other NCIDA board members, the association provided an Outreach Workshop to UCPS on Oct. 10, 2014, to educate EC teachers in the area of dyslexia. The focus of the training was to recognize and understand dyslexia and to learn how to address the needs of these students.

The training began with Brian Smith, Vice President of NCIDA, sharing the signs of dyslexia through the eyes of an educator and a parent. The morning general session also included instructional principles and how to coach students through a multisensory language approach.

The afternoon consisted of breakout sessions. One session gave teachers the opportunity to Experience Dyslexia ® through simulation. Learning to address student needs in small group settings and using assessments to pinpoint specific reading needs were sessions also provided.

The workshop was concluded in general session with Rebecca Raines, Wingate University Student, speaking to teachers on what she’d like them to know about having a student with dyslexia.

Being a student with dyslexia herself, she inspired teachers to watch for the signs, intervene early, and be patient with these students.

Due to being a self-advocate and learning many coping strategies, Rebecca has a 4.0 and is working toward her Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

EC Department officials stated they look forward to a continued partnership with NCIDA and what that partnership can do for the education of our students.

Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe
Posted: Oct 17, 2014 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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