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Antioch ASP--Using Tools for Fun

When the children at Antioch Elementary After School Program approached coordinator Caroline Miller with a request to use tools one day, she was understandably concerned. She had visions of injured fingers, bandages, and tears. However, she and her staff worked together with a parent and a local home improvement store to make the children's request a reality.

Miller talked with Mr. Edwards, one of the program's parents, and he agreed to provide some hammers for the day. She also talked with Home Depot, and they offered to provide the wood for the project and even had it cut to size.

On October 10, a teacher workday, the staff assembled all the materials--hammers, wood, paper and yarn from the craft box, patterns, and finally, nails. The children gathered around the tables, and each child was given a hammer, a block of wood, and a pattern. Staff members helped each child hammer a nail through the pattern to make a design on the block of wood. Then came the tricky part--the children took yarn and wound it around the nails to give depth to the project.

Miller said, "It all worked out; everyone was patient as they waited for help to drive the nails and the children were very creative with the way they made designs with the yarn."  The children really enjoyed the project because it was something they truly wanted to do, and the staff used the project as a "teaching moment" to demonstrate the safe use of tools. According to Miller, "The best part was no one was injured--I was so relieved!" As the photos show, the finished projects were awesome!

Written by: Karen Smith
Posted: Oct 17, 2014 by Karen Smith

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