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Benton Heights ASP Has Fire and Safety Week

Students at Benton Heights ASP line up for Officer Vivian Caldwell

The After School Program at Benton Heights After School Program recently observed Fire and Safety Week. Tanita Cox, ASP coordinator, invited Officer Vivian Caldwell, the on-site resource officer, to come to talk to the children about situations involving danger and how the children could be safe when faced with those situations.

Officer Caldwell spoke about the job duties of a police officer, showed the children every part of her uniform, and discussed the requirements of the job. She demonstrated "police-type exercises" and had the children participate.

She discussed "stranger danger", and gave the children examples of things they could do to avoid putting themselves in unsafe situations. One important subject that Officer Caldwell reviewed was bulllying and what the children should do if they were bullied or observed someone else being bullied. Finally, Office Caldwell stressed to the children the importance of calling 911 only in an emergency situation.

According to Cox, "It's very important that we stress to children how they can be safe in different situations....and then review these things on a regular basis." We would like to thank Officer Caldwell for taking the time to talk with ASP children to educate them about being safe.

Written by: Karen Smith
Posted: Oct 17, 2014 by Karen Smith

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