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Kindergarten goes to Aw Shucks Farm

 The kindergarten classes went on their first field trip to Aw Shucks Farm and this is what some of them thought about the experience. “  Everyone seemed to think it was fun and cool.”  Mrs. Privette said “it was a beautiful day for the trip and it was nice. It was an awesome trip.”  Students enjoyed talking about their learning from the farm trip and had some funny stories about the hay ride.   Mrs. Deane said,  “ they learned a lot and it was a nice day.”

Ms. Kinyanjui’s Class

Kimberly and Michael-   “We went to a farm.  We went to a corn maze.  I saw bunnies and sheep.  They were cute.  I saw goats too.  We got to pick our own pumpkins.  We saw an old train car.”

Ms. Beane’s Class

Jamie and Jayden—“We saw pigs and bunnies on a big farm.  We rode a bus.  I saw a goat and sheep and we got to feel them.  The sheep felt soft.  We feed them.  We went to a park and we got on a big slide.  We ate lunch.”

Ms. Dean’s Class

Diane, Owen, Cedney and Abby—“It was fun.  We went down a slide.  We took pictures. We walked on a bridge.   We went on a hay ride.  We saw turkeys and pigs.  We picked pumpkins.  We went in a corn maze.   Corn is used to make crayons.  It is used as toilet paper. “

Ms. McNamara’s Class

Emma- “We learned how corn grows.  You plant seeds and get spouts.  Then tall stalks grow and you get yellow corn.  We saw how pumpkins grow and picked one.  We played, feed goats and sheep and ate lunch.”

Ms. Kaupp’s Class

Sierra- “I learned about corn.  When it is old it’s hard and you cook it soft to eat it.  We saw an old train that people used to ride.  It would run and stop at farm.  We saw hairy pigs.  The animals had fluffy wool.   It was cool.”

Ms. Privette’s Class

Kaylie and Brendan- “I liked the horses, pigs, sheep, turkeys and goats.  There was a river and a playground with a big slide.   I liked the pumpkin patch.  There were 2 or 3 slides.  We went on a hay ride in the woods.  We went to a corn maze.  We ride buses to our school and packed up and went home.”

Ms. Dunn’s Class

Lorelai and Jacob- “We went to Aw Shucks Farm and went on a hayride.  We sat on a bench.  The tractor pulled us.  We went to a corn maze and saw a path the deer made overnight and we ate lunch.  There was a big silo with a mile down slide.  We got a pumpkin and I took it home and put it on the porch for people to see.  It was fun.  I’d go again.”

Written by: Brenda Todd,Kennedy, Michael, Jamie, Jayden, Diane, Owen, Cedney, Abby,Kaylie, Brendan, Jacob, Emma, Lorelai,and Sierra
Posted: Oct 18, 2014 by Brenda Todd

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