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Stream Tables


We have been learning about earth science and stream tables during science.  These were made in the clay/sand mixture and the water drained to show erosion.

In the experiment we put a tub with a hole in it on our desk.  Then we taped a ruler on the tub and put a bucket underneath for the water to go in the bucket.   We put a clear bucket of water with a hole in it and made deltas, lakes and 8 mini canyons.  We learned that erosion can happen in valleys, canyons and deltas. 

We got flood and standard buckets for pouring water to erode the soil that forms the plateau.  We poured the water over the soil and we saw an amazing difference in the soil immediately when it came down and made a deposit of the soil.

Written by: Hailey,Katie and Jayden (Mrs. Montalvo's Class)
Posted: Oct 20, 2014 by Brenda Todd

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