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Scary ghost story writing project

Seventh grade students in Mrs. Goodman’s Language Arts classes have finally completed the “Scary Ghost Story” Writing Project. The purpose of this assignment was for students to create a scary story using descriptive adjectives and action verbs. Their first objective was to create a fearful mood for the reader. Students started off this creative writing assignment by brainstorming and writing a rough draft. During this process, students had multiple mini-lessons on literary devices as they made edits and additions to their rough drafts. Some of the literary devices included setting the mood with sensory words and descriptive adjectives, adding onomatopoeia, using the perfect action verbs, and punctuating character dialogue properly. Rough drafts were shared with peers for some last minute suggestions before final copies were typed using GoogleDocs. Students shared their typed stories to be proofread on final time before they read their original stories aloud to their classmates. On Wednesday and Thursday of last week, students gathered around the virtual campfire, displayed on the large MondoPad board in the front of the room. Students connected their Chromebooks to the BenQ Monitors to display their story to classmates as they read their stories aloud. We had numerous guests visit our classroom to see students present their stories. All three administrators stopped by to listen to some scary stories in addition to multiple teachers and staff members; even UCPS Superintendent, Dr. Mary Ellis dropped in to see!! While each student presented his/her project, multiple pictures were taken. Students will use these pictures in a digital portfolio towards the end of the school year. These photographs also serve as documentation of the completion of the Public Speaking component of the 7th Grade English, Language Arts curriculum requirement. Students worked very hard on this writing project and should be very proud of their stories! If you have not taken the opportunity to read your child’s story, have him/her share with you this weekend!

Written by: Lesa Goodman
Posted: Oct 21, 2014 by Karen Barbee

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