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World Wednesday

Students racing to the media center to enter their guess for the country represented in this week's World Wednesday spot on PRMS News.

 As part of our focus on globalization, every Wednesday morning, our broadcast team runs a segment called World Wednesday. In this segment, a slide, made by a PRHS student, is displayed with photographs and facts about a particular country. PRMS students are to guess which country is represented, and the first student to bring the correct answer to the media center wins.

High school students have made these slides based on their birthplace, and Wednesday morning always brings a rush of middle school students to the media center to give the correct answer.

“I had a lot of fun and I will be participating again,” says Ronny Ponce, a sixth grade student and the third winner that we have had so far.

“My students are proud to show off their native countries,” says Ginger Jantz, ELL teacher for both PRMS and PRHS, “teaching others about their country really helps to build their self-esteem.”

This project is really a great benefit to all who are participating. The broadcast class will be showing World Wednesday slides through December.

Written by: Lori Duncan
Posted: Oct 24, 2014 by Christine Courtney

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