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Cavs Study Global Housing

Left to right, Dyanna DaSilva, Athena Wortham, Alexandra Clay, and Hailey Beitel display their Global Housing Projects as part of their Interior Design class.

Students in Leah Ross’ Interior Design class recently studied housing all over the world through a Global House Project. The assignment was to study and compare two different types of housing from separate cultures and areas of the world.

Sophomore Athena Wortham said, “We compared many aspects such as structure, climate, region, language, religion, family structure, and time period. As we studied each culture and the needs the house structures provided, we discovered that all homes meet the same basic needs. Every house offers protection, shelter from heat, cold, and predators. They provide security, so that people all over the world have a place of refuge and a place to return to. They also provide a place to call home, a place for families to gather and to meet and spend time together. I learned that homes are important and play a huge part of our culture and our lives. I also learned that although the cultures are different, the people are the same and need and want the same things.”

Ms. Ross said, “This project relates to the Housing and Interior Design curriculum because it explores how people, around the world and through history, have solved humans' basic needs for shelter and community. As we explore how we utilize our homes today, we realize that this basic human need has been solved in very similar, and very different, ways.”

“I learned that even though there are different kinds of people and cultures in various countries, something between them all is still connected; there is something alike among all cultures,” said sophomore Dyanna DaSilva.

“I didn’t realize people sometimes lived in such tiny houses. In our society we always think bigger is better and then I learned about the people in South Africa living in igloo shaped homes called Rondavel homes,” said sophomore Alexandra Clay.

Senior Hailey Beitel said, “What stood out to me is how no matter how far away people may be from each other, we all still somehow come from the same roots. No matter how different we are, we are all still kind of the same.”

“I really hoped that students would gain an understanding of and appreciation for different cultures, their need to shelter themselves and their families and to be part of a community. This project allows students to gain knowledge of other cultures and times and the ways in which we have similarities with each even in today's modern world,” said Ross. 


Written by: Paula White
Posted: Oct 24, 2014 by Judy Davis

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