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What's New in 4th Grade

After learning about managing checkbooks, deposits, and why we pay taxes, fourth graders go on a field trip to JA Biztown to put that knowledge into action. Each student had a job where they earned money that they were able to spend on food and toys during their “lunch break.”

Fourth graders got to work in the bank as tellers, in a radio station as a disc jockey, and even in a hospital as doctors and nurses.

Each company had various positions so they could really see what it was like to be an employee and have employers.

Fourth graders are working at JA Biztown. 

WUES students show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness month by wearing pink. Classes had the goal of 90% of students wearing the prideful color. Some even went above and beyond; Tristan Potts, in Ms. Fernandez class, even painted his nails to show his support!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Written by: Wendolyn Fernandez, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 27, 2014 by Carrie Johnson

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