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Lee Speaks to Bio-Med Students

Left to right, Carter Gupton (10th), Dr. Naomi Lee, and Hunter Carman (10th) show off a gumdrop DNA model.

Dr. Naomi Lee, investigator in viral immunology, of the Neuroscience Institute of the National Institutes of Health located in Bethesda, MD, visited the CHS Biomedical Technology class taught by Heather Grant recently. Dr. Lee received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2005 followed by a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Rochester in 2008. She completed her Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Rochester in 2013.

She shared her vast knowledge of the important research performed at the NIH in virology (the study of viruses). She discussed the goals of the NIH, the basics of research, structures of DNA and her current studies regarding the virus that is linked to Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr. Naomi Lee is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Her research focuses on treatment and detection of human herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6). Dr. Lee joined the Army National Guard in 2009. She was commissioned as a second lieutenant after completing officer candidate school at Fort Benning, GA. Currently, she is a first lieutenant in the Maryland Army National Guard at the 58th Troop Command stationed in Adelphi, MD.

“Dr. Lee taught us about diseases and viruses – it was interrelated to the teachings of Ms. Grant. I learned a lot! I learned about the physical characteristics of DNA and the differences between strands of viruses,” said Elikem Doe, a senior. “The best part of her presentation was learning the aspects and details of her work and being enticed to be like her one day.”

“I would like to thank her for coming. It was fun and intuitive,” said junior Garret Voelkers.

“I was honored to have her here. She was right on time for the Biomedical Technology class' curriculum on research!” said Ms. Grant.

The students ended the session constructing their own DNA composed of gumdrops!

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Oct 28, 2014 by Paula White

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