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Class of 2026!

 Mrs. Hamilton’s 1st grade students learned about Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind. 1st graders worked together to create a bubble map. In the center, it had “class of 2026”. Students had to work together and collaborate to think of strategies and things they needed to do in order to graduate high school in 2026 and to reach their goals. These strategies included: listening, working on reading stamina, live the 7 habits, respect, be friends, never give up, be a problem solver, etc.
Students signed the poster, stating that they would all do their very best to graduate and to reach their goals. They continued to begin with the end in mind by thinking about what they wanted to be when they graduate from high school in 2026. 1st grade students then used their creativity to create themselves as the person they wanted to become after graduation. They used scrap paper and worked so hard on their person!
Mrs. Hamilton’s class will be teachers, farmers, doctors, police officers, football players, dads, veterinarians, soccer players, and horse trainers!
1st graders discussed the importance of staying on track and really trying to follow the strategies they came up with. Students then shared with each other their person and what they needed to do in order to get there!
Congratulations Class of 2026!

Written by: Jessica Cosma
Posted: Oct 28, 2014 by Jessica Cosma

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