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UC Education Foundation visits UCEC!

Mr. Gehring receives his grant from the UC Education Foundation.

   The Union County Educational Foundation has awarded grants to several teachers in Union County, including three of our very own - Mrs. Bell for her Economics Project, Mrs. Cook for the International Festival, and Mr. Gehring for his Glee Club. Previously, our teachers provided special opportunities to the students by funding these projects with their own money. Now, thanks to the Foundation, these grants, which are valued up to $500 each, will help to expand their projects.
   Mr. Conner, principal of Union County Early College, had the following to say, “I want to sincerely thank the Union County Educational Foundation for their commitment to our students and schools with the grants UCEC has received. I am very proud of our teachers for providing special opportunities for our students which in the past they have paid for themselves. Ms. Bell, Ms. Cook and Mr. Gehring can expand their projects thanks to the foundation.” So, what will the teachers do with the grant money, you ask?
   Mr. Gehring states that he will use his grant funds to “buy equipment and possibly compete in the March Regional Show Choir Competition.” Mrs. Cook wanted her funds to assist the school in continuing to create high achieving, globally competitive students while meeting Union County’s Global Schools criteria with our Spring International Festival, which highlights our school’s multitude of cultures. Her funds will be used to “create displays, buy games, make copies for the scavenger hunt and passports, and, best of all, prizes for the students.” Mrs. Bell is planning to purchase a class set of Basic Economics books that are reader friendly and help students grasp the various and complicated concepts of economics in the real world. She says, “my students will be thrilled to read and understand how economics affects them personally.”
   UCEC was one of the few schools to receive numerous grants this year. We hope everyone will take advantage of the opportunity to apply for grants through the Union County Education Foundation in the future. You too, can get a surprise visit from the Prize Patrol. Congratulations and thank you to Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Cook, and Mr. Gehring for all of their great work and success!

Written by: Mindy and Jenny Tran, Madison Meyers
Posted: Oct 28, 2014 by Mandy Bell

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