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H.E.L.P. Receives Support from Kensington ASP

Some of the diapers, wipes, and baby bath products collected by children at Kensington Elementary After School Program.

Throughout the year, the 27 After School Programs hold community out reach projects to help various groups that support those in need. During September, Kensington After School Program had "Community Service Week".

After discussing the importance of helping others, each group decided upon an organization to assist, what they would do to help the organization, and when they would start their project. Groups 3 and 4 (first and second graders) decided that they would collect 500 diapers for H.E.L.P. during the month of October.

"H.E.L.P. Crisis Pregnancy Center is a non-profit organization that assists families in need with young children," said Miranda Helms, Kensington's program coordinator. "We heard that they needed large-sized diapers, and that was what we focused on," she commented.

The children designed flyers to publicize the project, the ASP staff made copies of the flyers, and they were distributed to the parents. By the last week of October, more than 500 diapers, baby wipes, and baby bath products were collected by the two groups and delivered to H.E.L.P. by Helms.

As a result of the generosity of Kensington ASP families, H.E.L.P. Crisis Pregnancy Center now has a surplus of diapers for older children, and the ASP children feel great that they were able to help. We commend them for a successful project!

Written by: Karen Smith
Posted: Oct 31, 2014 by Karen Smith

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