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Fire Safety!

A Marshville Elementary student shows the proper procedure when someone is in a burning room.

Third Graders at Marshville Elementary were visited by the Beaver Lane Fire Department to learn some great and important tips on Fire Safety. Their agenda was packed full of useful information and lots of fun activities.

Students watched as a firefighter dressed in his full uniform and explained all the different parts and their functions. While this was fun for the students, it was also very important! We need our children familiar with these uniforms so that if faced with danger, they are not afraid and know that it is ok to be helped by them.

Next on the agenda was a trip outside to see a real fire truck! Students were excited and amazed to learn interesting facts! One student learned that the fire hose can be over 1,000 feet long. The firemen led the students around all four sides of the truck showing them all the “secret” compartments and everything that the compartments held. Students held their ears as they sounded the alarm for us and jumped with anticipation when the doors were open to the truck so they all could see inside!

The last stop for the students was the Smoke House Trailer. The trailer is set up like a house complete with a living room, kitchen, stairs, and a second floor bedroom. As the students walked through, they learned the many different dangers that they could face in their own house. Dangers such as an unsafe fireplace, torn electrical cords, pans on the stove and even what to do when they are on the second floor and faced with a fire! The tour ended with the students practicing how to feel if a closed door is hot and the proper way to move down the steps during a fire.

Marshville Elementary and all of our Third Graders thank the Beaver Lane Fire Department for a fun and informative day!

Written by: Stephanie Sims, 3rd Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 31, 2014 by Jarrod Stegall

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